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Alutiiq Security and Technology, LLC manages and performs corrective maintenance to databases including Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL and Sybase. Alutiiq coordinates, schedules and performs tuning and optimization of data base operations including replication events. Alutiiq performs life cycle control and configuration management for software and hardware. Alutiiq provides support for planning, design, implementation, corrective maintenance and tuning and optimization of Sybase databases. Geospatial application management includes ESRI ARCIMS. Alutiiq’s network engineering group provides design, physical media installation, testing and certification of copper and fiber media. The physical layer hardware includes Cisco and Marconi switches, routers, and firewalls. Traffic analysis is performed using a Spectrum Management application. LAN protocols include Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet and ATM. Technical support personnel in the form of a Help Desk call center respond to and satisfy customer service needs including installation, repair, upgrade of client desktop workstations and servers. Client workstation applications include various versions of the Microsoft Office suite. Hardware brands include HP, Compaq, and Sun Microsystems. Remedy software is used to enter and track customer service orders and asset management. Workstation and server operating systems consist of Microsoft NT 4.0, Windows 2000, and XP and Sun Solaris Operating Systems version 2.8. Alutiiq tests and integrates new software applications required to meet customer needs. Alutiiq provides security audits and information assurance support. Alutiiq tracks and maintains all customer software and hardware configurations and licensing. Alutiiq provides project managers which plan and monitor IT projects from requirements validation through execution to completion and closure. Alutiiq is an equal opportunity employer. For the most current list of positions visit our web site at:

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