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ARMA supports the United States Government in successful implementation of foreign policy and security objectives. We are a full-service integrator with a wide portfolio of capabilities delivering services and material to government and commercial organizations. Our customers and industry partners appreciate the flexible solutions ARMA provides through tightly integrated core lines of business. As a single-solution provider, ARMA delivers tailored responses to meet your needs.

Professional Services
ARMA provides global manpower support for a broad spectrum of technical and tactical service requirements. We supply highly qualified personnel for complex programs that require various levels of security classification specifications. ARMA’s Professional Services offers the skills, knowledge, reputation, ethics and creativity needed to develop mission critical solutions and successfully execute complex programs.

Training and Mission Support
Defense and Peacekeeping Operations
We are well versed in the complex world of international regulatory compliance, both with the U.S. Government and foreign source nations. ARMA is a Department of State, Directorate of Defense Trade Controls registered Broker, Manufacturer, and Exporter. ARMA offers the following core solutions for Defense and Peacekeeping Operations:

Aviation Support
Weapons and Ammunition
Systems Integration
At ARMA, we understand the realities of developing and sustaining modern IT systems that primarily use existing capabilities currently on the market, while following strict policy and security directives set by our customers. The information technology market creates a continual cycle of change for hardware and software platforms, thus complicating the requirement to keep cutting edge solutions in the hands of deployed operators. ARMA’s approach is to manage and control continuous change in the most effective way possible by providing mature Research & Development, Systems Engineering, Production & Test, and Life Cycle Management Support capabilities.

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