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AnaVation is a trusted partner that delivers high-value, cost-effective solutions to solve our customers’ most complex technical and analytical problems. To accomplish our mission, we focus on two things: our customers and our employees. To Our Customers, wee are committed to: - Providing unparalleled service - Ensuring that our work directly supports our customer’s mission - Delivering exceptional value - Partnering with customers who need and value high-level - engineering capabilities - Providing highly talented employees who are focused on solving challenging technical problems To Our Employees, we are committed to hiring experienced professionals who have: - Outstanding character - Developed innovative solutions for previous customers - Advanced the frontiers of their technical domains - Unique skills, direct experience, and subject matter expertise in the intelligence collection, processing, and analysis domains We are further committed to providing our professionals with: - A technical friendly and stimulating corporate environment - The education, time and tools needed to maintain excellence in their disciplines - The equipment needed to research and evaluate new technologies

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