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LORO Corporation provides the most sought after technical services solutions in today’s intelligence environment. With industry leading expertise and unique mission experience delivering solutions to our customers at every level in the Intelligence Community, LORO’s simple, effective solutions drive our customer’s missions everyday.

The LORO team is built on a long standing heritage of engineers and specialists that designed and built the systems that are protecting our nation today, against the adversaries of yesterday. Our adversaries have the knowledge, tools and resources to adapt their attack methods as quickly as we adapt our defenses. Staying ahead of them, LORO develops integrated solutions using the best technologies available.

Every LORO team member believes in being Better, Everyday. Better people, Better team members, a better company. LORO cultivates a culture of hard-work, smart innovations and building genuine trust with every customer we support. What’s makes LORO different than other companies? Our team members lead with passion and determination. They listen first and respond second. LORO takes the time to understand our customers, their expectations, and what success really means to them.

Headquartered in Millersville, MD, LORO provides local, direct, on-site support to numerous Maryland-based intelligence customers in the following technical focus areas:
- Cyber Defense (active, passive)
- Integration (software, systems, hardware, technologies)
- Software Development (scripting, front-end, back-end)
- Cloud Infrastructure (utility hosting, storage, and compute) - Cloud Services (Infrastructure as a Service, Platform as a Service, Software as a Service)
- Data Services (Ingest, Transport, Management)
- Technical Communication (print, digital, marketing)
- User Interface/User Experience (processes, digital media, applications)

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