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Inspired by the enduring strength and integrity of Gaeta, Italy’s medieval castle where our founders first met in the Navy, KASTELLUM represents our company’s commitment to excellence for our clients, our partners and our people.

We are a Strategic Planning, Program & Operations Management, and Subject Matter Expert Consulting firm in the Defense, Cyber, Intelligence, and Information Sectors

We Help our Clients and Partners Develop Solutions, Make Good Decisions, and Achieve Predictable Success

Today, we support U.S. Central Command as Key Planners addressing some of the Nation's Most Difficult Strategic Challenges:
Theater Strategy/Policy Development - Terrorism & Extremists Insurgencies - Cyber Warfare - Nation State Conflicts - the Role of U.S. Forces. We anticipate supporting U.S. Cyber Command in the very near future.

Our Services:
Policy Development
Strategic Plans Development & Implementation
Operational Plans Development & Implementation
Cyber Planning & Operations
Intelligence Planning & Analysis
Information Operations Planning
STO/SAP Planning
Domestic & Foreign Engagement Planning
Exercise Planning

Company Benefits
KASTELLUM Group offers competitive compensation packages, and the advantage of working for a small, veteran-owned business that is strong, agile, always professional, and responsive to our clients and our employees.

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