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AG Grace , Inc
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Rapid change is a constant in the high tech space and with information technology. Companies and their clients are struggling to evolve, innovate and protect their assets. The rise of the Internet of Things and workplace mobility have become a remarkable opportunity. Secure your future by joining AG Grace, Inc.   We help our customers advance their technologies, build and develop secure software solutions, integrate disparate technologies, provide service integration and management, and develop the future.   Come explore the possibilities, we are looking for candidates for a variety of positions. Including:

•        Business Analyst   
•        Infrastructure Specialist
•        Application Developer
•        Security Consultant
•        Application Architect
•        Systems Engineering    Professional
•        Test Engineers
•        Customer Support
•        Help Desk
•        Adjudicative Specialist
•        Cyber Security Specialist
•        Integration Engineer
•        Mobility Engineer
•        Modelling and Simulation
•        System Administrator
•        Database Administrator
•        Case Management
•        Personnel Security
•        Hardware Engineer
•        Cyber Security Engineer
•        Cloud Engineer
•        Computer Scientist
•        Configuration Management
•        Functional Analyst
•        Human Factor Engineer
•        Knowledge Engineer
•        Lifecycle Management Specialist
•        Software Engineers
•        Network Engineers

Company Benefits
AG Grace, Inc offers a competitive and comprehensive employee benefit package to eligible employees. This
summary of benefits highlights general information about the benefits available; additional information is available from our Employment Department.

* Health
* Dental
* Vision
* Long Term Care
* 401K
* Life Insurance
* Paid Time Off
* Tuition Assistance