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Accu-Sort Systems Inc.
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Accu-Sort Systems, inc. is looking to the future. We are the
leading manufacture of automatic bar code readers and systems
and we want to offer you an opportunity to join our team.
At Accu-Sort, we offer challenging positions that just might
be the next step in your career. You will enjoy our friendly,
team environment and gain a sense accomplishment when you help
create high tech, system solutions for our customers.
Some customers include UPS, 3M, the US Postal Service,
and Wal-Mart, among many others. This is a growing industry
and a growing company that you definitely want to be a part of!

Accu-Sort Systems has a solid history in the material handling
industry. We trace our roots back to the 1960's when Accu-Sort
Systems was a division of General Atronics, a subsidiary of
Magnavox Corporation. Accu-Sort was acquired and incorporated
in 1971 by Mr. Albert Wurz, the chief engineer of that division.
We have been creating and designing innovative ways to automate
the material handling industry ever since.

Accu-Sort Systems facilities are located in the northern
Philadelphia suburbs. We also have regional sales and service
offices located throughout the United States. Representatives
in Canada, Europe, Australia, Japan and Korea provide
international sales and service, as well.

Accu-Sort Systems specializes in engineering and manufacturing
state-of-the-art automatic bar code scanners and terminals.
We design, assemble, and implement turn-key systems for a
variety of industrial applications involving all phases of
materials handling and inventory control.In order to complete
this, we are continually looking for creative and enthusiastic
employees to fill positions that include anything from assemblers
and technicians to design engineers and software engineers.
In this age of information,Accu-Sort offers a clear and
innovative advantage to customers and we need exceptional
employees to help us continue to succeed.

The Department of Defense, United States Postal Service, and
members of the automotive, retail,and health care industries
have endorsed bar coding, signifying the increasing value of
this technology. Large commitments by major companies within
these industries have clearly placed Accu-Sort as the leader of
automatic identification solutions. We invite you to consider
Accu-Sort as your next employer and "Join a company with Vision."